Leitz Eins-Zwei Non-Alcoholic Rose Pinot 750ml

$20.25 - $21.00

This non-alcoholic Leitz RosA Pinot Noir is a delicately fruity, tangy summer wine.

The nose has a dominant rhubarb note along with subtle hints of rosehip and raspberries.

A lively acidity gives it the necessary freshness and the accompanying juicy fruits that make this alcohol-free Leitz Rose Pinot Noir a real summer highlight.

It is a real summer highlight, which is also excellent with fresh summer salads and pasta and all Asian dishes, best served at 10A?C.

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Leitz Eins-Zwei Non-Alcoholic Rose Pinot 750ml$20.25 - $21.00
$20.25 - $21.00
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